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Social good,
made easy.

We help New Zealand businesses develop and manage strong corporate social responsibility programmes, so everyone in your team can go home proud.


We represent more than 30,000 community projects around New Zealand, Asia, and the South Pacific.

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The Step Changers dream is to raise the standards of great corporate social responsibility globally, so that everyone can go home proud of the company they work for and the work they do in the community. We do this work by helping businesses to develop strong corporate social responsibility programmes that address areas of sustainability, community giving, accessibility, diversity, cultural engagement, and ethical procurement. Our database of community projects in the Asia-Pacific region is extensive, meaning we can match businesses with their ideal community partners and help to form long-term partnerships based on mutual trust and respect for the NGO’s social mission. Beyond that, our organisation helps businesses to promote and report on their Corporate Social Responsibility culture both internally and externally, in a way that promotes transparency and accountability by both parties.

If this work sounds like something your business would be interested in engaging, you can reach out to our team here. We work with businesses that want to make a real step change - no matter what their size or previous experience is with corporate social responsibility planning.


What makes great CSR?

CSR isn't very well defined globally, but we've done the research for you. We've pulled together 16 standards for Great CSR that will help you get your head around the idea. 


Why invest in social good?

When a business gives back to its community, everyone benefits. Staff feel better, the community is better off, and brand relationships are strengthened. There's economic evidence that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes boost productivity within a company, attract better talent, and help generate better returns.

Still, right now, too many businesses don't see it as their place to be responsible for their community, and so CSR is often pushed aside, treated as either as a token gesture or an afterthought. We’re working with businesses that want to change that.


What is a Step Change?

The term step change recognises that to create social change, consumers, governments, and businesses all have to do their bit, and take their one step. We encourage businesses to be better at corporate social responsibility, by making it easy for them to understand what great CSR looks like for their company and to find community projects around New Zealand, the Pacific and Asia to support.  


Keen to develop a CSR strategy? Find out what community projects are out there when you submit your brief to us.