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Go Home Proud.

We’re a community for people trying to make the world better through the workplace! We support everyday people like you to build great corporate social responsibility programmes for your organisation, so everyone in the team can go home proud.


What does great social responsibility mean to you?

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Is it recycling at work? Supporting a partnership with an NGO overseas? Helping local kids get the resources they need to be healthy and engaged at school? Offsetting your organisation’s carbon footprint? Is it about diversity and inclusion, accessibility and cultural engagement?

Could it be about sourcing ethical products, or improving the packaging your own products are shipped in?

Whatever your definition, and whatever your team’s goals are, we’re all about it. We believe great things can happen for communities everywhere when businesses are an active part of the solution - and we also believe that true change is driven from within. This community is all about businesses making progress (not perfection) together, and about helping you to lay the best foundations possible for great, sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility in your organisation. Here you can get feedback, get ideas, and get supported in stepping up your CSR plans to the next level with others doing the same thing in their own organisations, right around the world.


For so many of us, corporate social responsibility is really important.

It changes where we work, what we buy, how we perceive our favourite childhood brands. But many of us are working in organisations that don’t get it yet - the penny hasn’t dropped for the management team when it comes to incorporating a strong corporate social responsibility plan into their business. There’s still too many companies producing plastic plants, ignoring their diversity statistics, and exploiting the natural resources and workers of foreign countries, all to spin a profit.


But it’s not sustainable to exploit. And that’s where Step Changers comes in.

We’re representing a groundswell of employees who want to bring positive change to their workplace, but aren’t sure how yet. Our website has a suite of resources available for anyone interested in bringing together a strong corporate social responsibility plan at their workplace. Our research has shown that CSR often comes about because employees rally together and ask their company to do better; the change starts from within.

But this work doesn’t just feel good - it’s also good for business. Staff feel better, the community is better off, and brand relationships are strengthened. There's economic evidence that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes boost productivity within a company, attract better talent, and help generate better returns.

Share your step-changing journey with us.

It’s often scary to be the one who speaks out against the status quo, but when we let our values guide us, it usually becomes obvious that something needs to be said. To do this at work can be even harder, especially if you’re battling internal politics, communication hierarchies, bureaucracy, or management! Step Changers is all about taking this on feeling with pride. We support each other to say something, to challenge the status quo, and to lead our organisations to do better for their people and their wider community. And we do it with grace, data, and case studies too. The term step change recognises this idea; to create real change, all of us as consumers, businesses, and governments have to be brave in taking our one step forward, whatever that might look like.

Across this site, you’ll find resources, case studies, videos, and some beautiful stories of NGOs that need some business support. All of the pieces you’ll see are designed by other people who are bringing the Step Changers mindset to their organisations too; academics, consultants, CSR managers, and university students alike are contributing to the SC ethos. But it doesn’t have to stop there; you can also share your organisation’s journey with us and add to this sweet mix of ideas. Anonymously or with brand-pride, reach out to our team and let us know about your frustrations, learnings, success stories, and CSR initiatives at work, and we’ll do our utmost to spread the word.


Are you representing a business that’s developing its CSR strategy?

We can help you find the right community partnerships for your business with our database of 30,000+ community projects from around New Zealand, Asia, and the South Pacific.