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Step Changers is a volunteer-led movement working to make great corporate social responsibility normal - and a whole lot better - in New Zealand.

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For so many of us, corporate social responsibility is really important.

It changes where we work, what we buy, how we perceive our favourite childhood brands. But many of us are stuck working in organisations that don’t get it yet, and they’re not getting our best. There’s still too many companies producing plastic plants, ignoring their diversity statistics, and exploiting the natural resources and workers of foreign countries, all to spin a profit.


Step Changers is trying to change that culture by making corporate social responsibility better.

We’re building a community for employees who want to bring positive change to their workplace, but aren’t sure how yet. Our database of 30,000 community projects, research work, and events are designed to support people in organisations interested in improving their own team’s CSR.

Fundamental to this work is a belief that great things can happen for communities everywhere when businesses are an active part of the solution and make their one step change. We also believe that true change is driven from within - that it’s better to work with businesses than against them.

What is step changing?

Step Changers are the people inside organisations working to bring about change…

They could be a group of employees, leaders, dedicated sustainability managers, or everyday workers wanting to speak out to make a difference. To do this at work can be hard and scary, especially if you’re battling internal politics, communication hierarchies, bureaucracy, or management, or if you’re new to the team. We support step changing workplaces with the resources and evidence necessary to make building a corporate social responsibility programme for their team as easy and effective as possible.

… because our values don’t disappear when we reach the office.

The term ‘step change’ captures the idea that it’s hard to change everything problematic in one go or to fight what feels like an uphill battle, but collective change is made a lot easier if we all focus on our own patch of good and trust others around us to do the same. For most of us, the workplace is where we spend most of our day to day lives and so it is important we’re able to make good for the world while we’re at work too. To create real change, all of us as consumers, businesses, and governments have to be brave in taking that one step, whatever it might look like.


Get in touch with our team to find out more about how we’re lifting the standards for great corporate social responsibility.