What is Step Changers?

Step Changers is a non profit that started to help make it easier for businesses to lead change and to kickstart their corporate social responsibility programmes. We search for and validate the needs of community projects in Asia, the Pacific, and New Zealand, and bring these opportunities to the businesses that choose to work with us. 

Each Step Changers' Project Partner is chosen carefully and meets our rigid quality standards, before being on-boarded to our system. We support projects that are strictly secular (because we don't believe religion should be a trade-off for support) and that are working to eradicate poverty, make things fairer, and to improve education and healthcare. 

Meet our Team

(we're all volunteers doing this because we think CSR should be normal)

Operations & Research Team 

Partnerships & Sales Team

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Building a world where corporate social responsibility is normal. 


Helping businesses build effective corporate social responsibility partnerships with validated community projects across Asia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific.  

Focus Areas

Our charitable purpose is to alleviate poverty and to improve access to education and essential life-sustaining services for those living in  South East Asia, the Pacific, and New Zealand. We do this by matching businesses with community projects that fall into four key umbrellas; health, education, equality, and conservation.

These umbrellas have been chosen because of their clear links to the Sustainable Development Goals, a critically important global framework for governments, business, NGOs, and individuals alike to work towards. 



Progress not perfection - Great social responsibility is imperfect - and so we're not about big promises of perfection. We focus on progress. 
Turn the wheel - Great social responsibility takes everyone on a team working to build the momentum. 
Go home proud - We do good work so that every employee goes home proud.
Leeeeean in - Great social responsibility takes an attitude of leaning in - of using expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, enthusiasm, experience and energy to solve the social problems that we all face together.
Have glass pockets - Be transparent about where you're at, what you're doing, and what you're aiming to do. Spend diligently, report diligently, and make decisions with the best data available. 



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Our Support

Metro Marketing 

 Metro Marketing is the principal sponsor behind Step Changers, and has been backing the project since April 2015, with over 200 hours poured into the project in 2016 alone.

Step Changers is part of Metro's own CSR programme, and is supported by the team who work for Metro Marketing from 9-5. We're supported both financially and with time in kind from the design, digital, PR and strategy teams. 

Some of our project partners