Apply to become a Step Changers Project Partner.

If you are interested in becoming a Step Changers Project Partner, please read through the requirements, and fill in this application form below. We'll be reviewing applications on a rolling basis. 

If you're not sure if you're ready to apply or would like further information, please make contact with Rosie via to discuss. 

The Requirements

For an organisation to be considered by Step Changers, they need to be:

  • Be a Registered Charity in New Zealand, or elsewhere in the Asia/Pacific region.
  • Be established with proof of existing community projects and past success.
  • Have a core focus on providing education for children, environmental conservation, supporting equality for all, or on delivering critical healthcare services to communities in need. Projects spanning more than one of these areas will be considered. 
  • Work 'on the ground' - you deliver tangible results to communities in need. Unfortunately, businesses will be less likely to support causes they can't see and quantify, so our preference is to support organisations who work directly with their beneficiaries.
  • Be secular. Organisations with strong connections to religious organisations are not eligible for this programme.
  • Demonstrate a particular need or purpose for funds. Projects that can outline a specific need (e.g. new enclosures for animals) will take preference over organisations with vague needs (e.g. to support communities to grow). As much as possible, we want to know what you will actually achieve. 
  • Have a realistic funding target. We imagine projects with specific funding goals between $5000 and $50,000 NZD are most likely to see success. 

The Application...

Contact Name
Contact Name
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In the shortest sentence you can, what does your organisation do?
Tell us a little more about your who, what, where, why, and how. Be as specific as you can.
What areas does your organisation deliver in?
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