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If you're representing a business based in New Zealand or Australia that is looking to renew its corporate social responsibility strategy and want to find out what community partnerships are out there, then you can submit a brief here to our team. We match businesses like yours with validated community projects from across Asia, the Pacific, and New Zealand, and let you know what they need so you can decide on the most effective way to help out. 

This matching work is free and something we do under our umbrella of charitable work. If you are looking to undertake a more in-depth process, members of our team are also available for consulting. Submit your brief here either way, and someone will get back to you soon. 

Contact Person
Contact Person
What sort of projects are you interested in working with?
What regions would you like the projects to be based in?
Are you interested in giving this in time, money, events space, products, or something else?
Advice, a CSR strategy, a list of validated projects, full management of your community partnerships etc.
If we need to know anything about your process, reporting requirements, familiarity with CSR, or communications needs - please let us know.