Our vision

We’re working to make great corporate social responsibility normal! We’re doing this by a) raising the standards of great corporate social responsibility, and b) making it as easy as possible for businesses to invest in corporate social responsibility programmes.

Our Charitable Purpose

To be a registered charity in New Zealand, you have to clearly set out your charitable purpose in a Trust-deed. Our deed (which you can find here) says that the charitable purpose of Step Changers is to alleviate poverty and improve access to education and essential life-sustaining services for those living in South East Asia, the Pacific, and New Zealand.

In practicality, this purpose is applied day-to-day as we operate. It means we have really strict accountability mechanisms and that we're dedicated to applying any funds we raise to transparently furthering our charitable purpose. 

Ultimately, Corporate Social Responsibility is something we're passionate about because we fundamentally believe it is up to businesses to contribute back to the communities they profit from, and that there are a range of good reasons for a business to take its CSR programme seriously. In this sense, our aim is to make Corporate Social Responsibility as easy as possible, so that there's no reason for your business not to be giving back. 

Dedicated to Sustainable Development

There is power in coordination, and so Step Changers is committed to promoting and furthering the Sustainable Development Goals wherever we can. These goals form part of a critically important global framework for governments, business, NGOs, and individuals alike to work towards before 2030.

Sound like a movement you could get behind?  

Reach out to our volunteer team to see if you can get involved! We're always looking for writers, photographers, videographers, researchers, and all-rounders to help drive the Step Changers movement forward.