Brief our team.

To find the best CSR opportunities and community partners for your organisation, we will begin by developing a brief of your team’s values, resources and CSR goals.  In order to do this, we first need to understand what your organisation is looking for in a CSR programme.  We will then take this brief and run it through our database, before putting together a set of recommendations that are tailored to meet your organisation’s CSR requirements. 

The more information you can give us at this stage, the better we will be able to put together a set of recommendations that suit your team, CSR objectives, and audience.

About your organisation
About your Corporate Social Responsbility goals
What size projects would you like to work with?
What type of giving is your organisation primarily interested in?
Tick as many as apply
These could be charities you'd like to work with or other businesses you think are doing great work in this space.
e.g. the programme must involve our team getting out to volunteer at their choice of organisation once a year, the charity we fund must have a base in the Waikato, the non profit we work with must be involved with water safety somehow, etc.