What we do

Step Changers is a non profit helping Kiwi and Australian businesses to step up their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. We support projects that work to eradicate poverty, educate kids, improve the environment, make things fairer, and improve healthcare in communities around New Zealand, the Pacific, and South East Asia. 

We believe that it is up to businesses to contribute back to the communities they profit from, and that there are a range of good reasons for a business to take its CSR programme seriously. Our aim is to make CSR as easy as possible, so that there's no reason not to give back; helping businesses to tell their CSR stories with the content we create for our partner projects.

Who We Help

We're currently in the early days of building out our platform so that businesses can connect with projects in their communities. All of the projects that we're onboarding must be registered, well regarded, and focused on improving education, healthcare, equality or conservation in their community. 

To date, some of the projects we hope to be fundraising for include: 

  • Cambodia Charitable Trust (capacity building in education across Cambodia)
  • Cashmere High School (conservation efforts in school)
  • KidsCan, New Zealand (eradicating material hardship in New Zealand)
  • OKE Charity, New Zealand (gardening education in New Zealand schools)
  • Sustainable Coastlines (conservation of New Zealand's beaches and waterways)
  • Wish 4 Fish (accessibility to the ocean for all)
  • Paper 4 Trees (education + conservation in New Zealand)
  • Prepair New Zealand (domestic violence education around New Zealand)
  • Waipuna Hospice (palliative care in the Bay)
  • Papamoa Surf Life Saving Club (surf life saving in the Bay of Plenty)
  • Friends of National Parks (forest conservation + wildlife care in Indonesia)
  • Red Road Foundation (grassroots education project in Kampot, Cambodia)
  • UNICEF New Zealand (children's health, education & wellbeing, globally)

Marketing is the hardest thing for a lot of non profits. If you don’t have the skills online, it’s really hard to get your message out there
— Denise Arnold, Cambodia Charitable Trust