3. Process Piece

This section is the “nuts and bolts” part - i.e. the place where you come to get help on how to get things done in terms of getting a CSR programme set up, working out the scope of the programme and actually doing the mahi.  

Getting CSR on the Table

Working out the Scope

  1. “Getting CSR on the table”

    1. This section provides guidance and resources to help you and your team successfully advocate for the inclusion of CSR into your business model through providing tools and material that clearly what CSR is (and isn’t).  Moreover, providing guidance on how to retain employees’ interest and manage things when employees leave.

    2. What is a Step change? -

      1. Resources:

        1. CSR one pager from last year - https://docs.google.com/document/d/117jaBrIY3cCRQDPG7nxp9k8nxJLCpyleZlpaGHxB9RY/edit

        2. Employee engagement section - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vb7YcKu8zDn4RFbx4DPwApy69G2UZkfeMk5cEC4GOZE/edit

        3. Powerpoint?

    3. “Working out the scope” → resources to help business identify areas of community need, team interest, logistics, how project will be reflected back into the business model, budget and reporting mechanism

      1. Resources

        1. Questionnaire

        2. Case studies - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YXlpcfvXrDZPLZK8xhMm4sdIX-YL9v_oH5YR6ohdgG4/edit

        3. SMEs (lift from 2018 strategy document?)

        4. Need more here

          1. Maybe a small piece flagging reporting?

          2. Designing a CSR programme

            1. Piece on charitable giving vs changes in the workplace (provides practical guidance along with prompts for people to consider what the best CSR model is for their business.  

    4. Approaching charities

      1. Charity profiles - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_zCryzwSWgfII21eucuwhKanBwWN47R8WgNKmzf-pFU/edit

      2. Resources:

        1. Database

        2. Guidance on how to effectively build partnerships with charities and community organisations

        3. Direct quotes from charities

        4. Maybe a template CSR plan?

    5. Establishing partnership

      1. Working with the charity

      2. Resources:

        1. MOU (example)

    6. Do the Mahi → best practice guide for carrying out good CSR

      1. Avoiding charity burnout

      2. Maintaining momentum during personnel changes in the team (i.e. CSR keeps on going, even if key people leave).

    7. Reporting

      1. Need help with this

        1. Reporting timeline

        2. Reporting templates