Bringing your team on-side

How do you drive change from the inside and get your team on-board? You’ll need to work out the best way to introduce the CSR discussion in your workplace: it might be an email to your manager, an item at your team meeting, or even just fostering conversations in the break room. These resources might help!

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ResourceSara Lomaloma
Agreeing on a solid foundation

This article discusses the two basic elements of a CSR programme; internal business practices and external community partnerships. Once you’ve got an understanding of what goes into these, you can pitch a CSR programme effectively to your organisation.

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Future-proofing your CSR programme

In research we conducted, interviewees told Step Changers that the biggest risk to their CSR programme’s ongoing success was a lack of wider team buy-in and key person risk. You need to ensure that your new CSR programme is flexible enough to remain sustainable and keep growing and developing.

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ResearchSara Lomaloma