Future-proofing your CSR programme

Once you and your team have agreed on an initial CSR programme, you need to start thinking about the next steps. Workplaces are dynamic places: team members will come and go, energy and enthusiasm might die down over time, or you might think of new practices that you want to incorporate in future. In research we conducted, interviewees told Step Changers that the biggest risk to their CSR programme’s ongoing success was a lack of wider team buy-in and key person risk. You need to ensure that your new CSR programme is flexible enough to remain sustainable and keep growing and developing.

In order to future-proof your CSR programme, we think it is essential that a committee-like group is formed, where employees at various levels are involved. That way, the CSR programme can have its own dedicated team that work on developing the programme and communicating the work to the rest of the team. The actual makeup of a committee will depend on your team; in larger businesses, a more traditional route may be appropriate, whereas in a smaller business, it may be only a few people that engage the help of their colleagues on bigger tasks. Regardless of the size of this group, by having this formal structure in place, enables the work to passed on when people leave or their work circumstances change.

ResearchSara Lomaloma