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Go Home Proud. 

We're a non profit working to eradicate poverty in South East Asia, the Pacific, and New Zealand by matching businesses with unique corporate social responsibility opportunities throughout the region. 

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Corporate social responsibility culture to change the world. 

When a business gives back to its community, everyone benefits. Staff feel better, the community is better off, and brand relationships are strengthened. It's these small changes in business culture that help us get us closer to making corporate social responsibility (CSR) normal. Right now, too many businesses don't see it as their place to be responsible for their community, and so CSR is often pushed aside, treated as either as a token gesture or an afterthought. 

We help our community projects to fundraise by matching them with businesses that believe in what they're doing and who want to help. Then we create content so that these businesses can share their stories of social responsibility. 100% of what a business gives goes directly to the project. 


100% of what a business gives goes directly to the project. 


Our Mission.

We support projects that are working to eradicate poverty by making things fairer, providing education and healthcare in disadvantaged regions, or by supporting conservation projects across Asia and the Pacific.

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Why a Step Change?

The term step change recognises that to create social change, consumers, governments, and businesses all have to do their bit, and take their one step. We encourage businesses to be better at corporate social responsibility, by making it easy for them to find community projects around New Zealand, the Pacific and Asia to support.