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Welcome to the Corporate Social Responsibility Toolkit.

Congratulations on making the decision to find out more about corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Whether you’re here because you want to implement a full CSR programme into your business model or just having a look around to see what CSR is all about, by taking this step you’re a lot closer to operating as a socially responsible business and doing some really great ‘good’ in your community.

This toolkit is designed as a practical resource that ties together both tangible guidance and thought leadership on CSR.  The idea is that you are able to take what you need from this toolkit in order to get a really clear sense on what CSR is, how is works and what steps need to be taken in order for you and your team to implement and develop a great CSR programme.  

Better still, we hope this toolkit gives you the confidence to start rolling out a CSR programme in your business and develop your own ideas on how to make a positive impact with your business footprint.  We truly believe that great CSR is attainable for every business, and it’s a real pleasure to be helping you and your team on this journey.

Go home proud!

The Step Changers team.

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