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We're registering as a non profit and moving abroad.

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After starting in April 2016 as a blog celebrating companies doing social good, Step Changers is evolving into a non profit focused on fundraising for grassroots projects in South East Asia and the Pacific that focus on an area of education, healthcare, equality or conservation.

To fundraise, we use volunteers to partner with projects and to create high quality content for businesses to use in their marketing efforts. We want social responsibility to be treated as a business decision, as a function of marketing, and ultimately to become so banal as a concept that organisations like ours become redundant. 

In March 2017, Rosie arrived in Bali to take the first step in pursuing this mission. Here she will be partnering with local projects and establishing relationships so that businesses interested in supporting them can do so. 

You can contact her @atumblingrosie or via

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Get involved! 

This project is run by the team behind Metro Marketing, as a way to do a little good through the celebration of those who are doing it themselves.

There's three key ways you can get involved; as a corporate partner, as a Step Changer (get in touch with us here!), or as a writer/photographer type wanting to get involved with a project like this.