Will you join our pilot programme?

Step Changers has grown because people like you have believed in us. We're working to make corporate social responsibility - in all its forms - normal, because we fundamentally believe it's the right thing to do. 

This year, we're looking for five or six early adopters who will agree to work with us over the next 12 months to get our Partnerships programme right. We want to learn with you and help your business develop a comprehensive corporate social responsibility strategy that makes sense and that brings about win-win-win situations for yourselves, Step Changers, and our charity partners alike.

To be a part of this programme, we're wanting businesses that inherently 'get' why great corporate social responsibility makes for great business. We're also wanting businesses that believe in us, businesses that are proud to put their names alongside ours as we develop our own form of charitable work through partnership with them. 

If this sounds like a programme that your business would be interesting in partaking in, please enquire directly with Sara Lomaloma, our Pilot Programme Lead, via sara@stepchangers.org, through the form below. 

Who we are looking for...

  • Businesses sized between 10 and 400 people 
  • Businesses with partnerships budgets between $5000 and $10,000
  • Businesses willing to work with us to get our programmes right 
  • Teams that want to be involved with their local community in creative ways
  • Teams that want to help pioneer great corporate social responsibility in New Zealand
  • Teams that have 1-2 hours a month to give to us so we can consult properly with them over the course of the programme.

What we will give you

  • Some partnerships to be proud of. Our team will work with your business to find the best community projects for your team. We'll explain who they are, why they need your help, and how they'll be able to help you in return. It might be that your team wants to work with projects that help kids in the Pacific, or that it is best for your brand to support Otago based projects. Whatever your requirements, we'll help you find the best charities out there than need your help and we'll also help you to understand the best ways to help them. 
  • Our full support and free advice. Our Pilot Programme is free, because we really want you to jump on board with us if there's a chance you can do it.