What is Step Changers?

Step Changers is a registered charity dedicated to making great corporate social responsibility (CSR) normal in New Zealand. We’re a collective of people from businesses, universities, and organisations around New Zealand (and beyond) who are interested in raising the standards for CSR in companies around New Zealand.

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Our Vision

We’re working together to make great corporate social responsibility normal in New Zealand.

By working, we mean: continually striving to raise the standards of CSR in New Zealand, by embracing improvements to the step changing ethos as more is learned about what great CSR looks like.

By together, we mean: activists, academics, business professionals, young students, and public sector professionals working towards improving the standards of CSR in New Zealand, as a group.

By great, we’re talking about: regularly seeing businesses achieve the sixteen standards for great CSR, which you can read about here.

Year one was about finding our niche, year two was about getting set up, and year three is about coming online.

Our Goals

To make this vision a reality, the team has three core goals it is working towards this year, which will centre some of our annual report discussion in September.

  1. Build a community of Step Changers, on and offline.
    How are we doing it? This year we’re launching Pull Ya Socks Up, an event series for those interested in driving change inside their workplace without compromising their career prospects. We’re also publishing regular articles on our Small Talk blog established in 2017.

  2. Make our database of community projects accessible so that the corporate partnership process becomes more efficient.

    How are we doing it? We’re building a database of 30,000 community projects from around New Zealand to essentially act as a clearinghouse for corporate funding applications, with an aim to reduce the excess of resources and time wasted by community groups trying to seek corporate partnerships. In June 2019 we met our first milestone of getting our database backend searchable, and now we’re working hard to bring the front-end to you, so every business can find ways to give back to their community easily.

  3. Act as thought-leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility

    How are we doing it? We’ve assembled a team of academics, lawyers, sustainability experts, and writers with an aim to publish a CSR Toolkit. This toolkit will house a mix of academic and practical content in plain english on what great corporate social responsibility looks like and how to get it rolling in your workplace. We’ll be building on these resources throughout the year, so stay tuned.

Values we rate…


Turn the wheel

We’re interested in lifting the standards for great CSR, and that involves collaboration and idea-sharing. We call on the skills of individuals as volunteers or contributors, academics as experts, and businesses as case studies so that together we can all lift the standards for great CSR.

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One Step at a Time

Progress is messy and it takes time, but if every business commits to taking their one step forward we’ll get there a lot faster.


Go home proud

If we do the good work here, then one day every Kiwi will be able to go home proud of the company or organisation they work for and the good they’re doing. Even better, the ‘good’ will be reported on transparently and effectively so everyone can see.

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Great social responsibility is imperfect - and so we're not about big promises of perfection. We focus on making progress.


Read our Winter 2019 update

This winter, Step Changers has a number of milestones it is scheduled to reach that help bring about this change at both a local and macro level.

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