Keen to partner with our team?

Our team is working to make corporate social responsibility normal - and that's the long and short of it. We're looking for partners who love the idea of every business playing their part, and that want to help us create a whole lot more community partnerships between New Zealand's businesses and projects in our backyard and neighbouring regions in the coming years. 

About Us

Step Changers was first started two years ago by a nineteen year old called Rosie. She had been working in UNICEF's marketing team and saw how difficult it was for charities to access corporate funding. From there, an idea unfurled to start a charity that would work to make corporate social responsibility normal, and so the story goes from there.

These days, our team of seven volunteers work on Step Changers in their spare time to help partner businesses with validated community projects from around New Zealand, Asia, and the South Pacific. We take briefs on what sorts of community partnerships a business is interested in, and work to match them with community projects that suit their target market and team best. We then help them to figure out what sort of ways they want to give their support, and ensure that they will receive regular updates on how their project is tracking. 

 Taken when Rosie was living in Cambodia while working on the early version of Step Changers

Taken when Rosie was living in Cambodia while working on the early version of Step Changers

So far, Step Changers has been built off the back of Rosie trekking around Asia in early 2017 to visit projects, and an enthusiastic board who has worked together to make our systems as effective as possible. As we grow, we increasingly need to access funding to help us spread our vision and recruit more volunteers. 

The help we need

If you are a part of a business that likes what we're doing, and wants to help us do more of it, we'd love to hear from you. From one-off donations to ongoing partnerships, we would be so grateful for any support you can give. 100% of what your business gives to Step Changers will go towards developing our projects platform, so that more businesses can find community projects to support. Specifically, we're looking for a space to work from in Auckland, New Zealand, some team shirts and caps, an events space for our launch event, and a series of small donations to help get us down to the South Island to onboard 12 new projects in that region. 

If you think your business could help us with any of those things, we'd really love to hear from you. We're a registered charity and so any donations made will be tax-refundable. In return for your help, we'll give you regular updates on our work, public recognition of your support on our website and social media channels, content to share with your networks, and an annual report covering the ins and outs of Step Changers from 2018 onwards.