Prepair NZ

Why do you exist?

We exist to help prevent domestic abuse in Aotearoa by educating young women all over the country about healthy relationships, mental and emotional abuse, and self-love.

What are the biggest challenges facing the domestic violence problem in New Zealand?

At Prepair NZ we focus on developing healthy relationships and identifying mental and emotional abuse. Mental & emotional abuse is the most common form for young people to experience, it is also how a violent relationship typically begins. 

At the moment the approach to educating NZ youth about abuse and healthy relationships is very inconsistent. We think there needs to be a greater focus on prevention and early intervention to help combat this issue.

    How did Prepair get to where it is now?

    I started Prepair NZ in 2015 because of a very confronting personal experience. I grew up very aware of domestic violence, however only identified it as physical abuse. 

    I learned through Facebook that a former relationship was mentally and emotionally abusive, I had never been taught about it before. I felt it was really important to start sharing with other young women. 

    Prepair NZ started as an Instagram page and blog. Today we share real life stories from young women who have experienced M&E and have since used the power of self-love to turn their life around. 

    We deliver a school programme and talks across Aotearoa to young women, and we also provide online resources to ensure that key information is accessible to our audience. In less than 2 years Prepair NZ has sparked conversations through the media, TEDX, conferences, social media and online reaching hundreds of thousands of people - who agree.

      Can your team support Prepair? 


      Prepair NZ is a registered charity in New Zealand (CC53302), meaning when you give you can claim tax back down the track. Right now, the team needs support so that they can deliver to more schools around New Zealand, and so they can scale up their operations. 

      Fill in the form via the button below to show us your business is keen to get involved with Prepair NZ. We'll help you get all of the information you need so you can make the best decision for your CSR programme. 


      What will change for New Zealand if we solve/greatly reduce the domestic violence problem? 

      We see domestic violence as a major roadblock to the success of many young people in our country. By helping to reduce this issue, instilling a sense of empowerment, self-worth and education in young women - we enable them them a greater chance of carrying out the dream, and we enable young women the opportunity to unleash their talent.


      Who are some of the people you have been helping?

      We work predominantly with young women between 15-29 years old. We've worked with schools and girls who share similar backgrounds or experiences, including: 

      • Young girls from a refugee background
      • Young girls who have experienced sexual abuse.
      • Young girls living in areas with a high rate of domestic violence 
      • Universities & young social entrepreneurs 
      • Women in their 20s looking to understand how to establish a healthy relationship with self
      • Teen parents
      • We also work alongside organisations like It’s Not Ok and NZ Police

      What are you most proud of in the Prepair journey so far? 


      In less than two years we have connected with hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders, sparking important conversations, creating positive change and educating. For the most part the organisation has been run by one person, only very recently expanding our team. Our entire team have worked in a voluntary capacity including our leaders and we have made a difference. 

      The emails we receive from young women who appreciate learning about self-love, who have left an abusive relationship after reading a story, or the past perpetrators who have been humbled and inspired to change after hearing us speak - it's these things that we are most proud of.

      Anything else you want to say? 

      There is a generation of young women who crave the information that Prepair NZ brings to them. The sense of connection we build in a room is immeasurable, the shift in the attitudes we see is amazing. I believe the way our participants feel when we finish will be something that they remember for a long time. We focus on an experience and content that is built to last. 


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