1. Find your stories

When you're starting to look at your options for a corporate social responsibility strategy, Step Changers is here to help. You can look through our projects yourself, or you can submit a brief to us with more on what you're looking for from your CSR, and we can help you develop your CSR strategy.



Like the idea of planting trees across New Zealand Schools? Paper4Trees teaches recycling, life skills, and gardening all across New Zealand. Paper4Trees need funding so they can partner with more primary and intermediate schools, and put their programme in place. Materials for kids to use in the garden are also useful. 

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Prepair New Zealand

Prepair NZ is a New Zealand based organisation on a mission to prevent domestic abuse in Aotearoa through education and radical self-love. They need help to put on more workshops in New Zealand high-schools and workplaces, with an aim of teaching what healthy relationships look like and for the signs of domestic violence. 


The Red Road Foundation

Help kids living in rural Kampot, Cambodia get to school during the rice planting season. Learning materials and building supplies are critically needed so the school can grow.


2. Tell us who you're keen to back

Once you have a better idea of what sort of projects you're interested in, we'll help you better understand how you can help - whether that's with time, money, or project partnerships, and the sorts of communication you can ask for in return.

We'll also let you know what other projects would complement the ones your interested in and why; helping your company to figure out the best use of their CSR spend. We do this work for free because we believe it's important  - our aim is to help companies of all sizes to find the community projects they love supporting. 



Wish4Fish are building a boat that can take people of all abilities out on the water to fish. They work with Kiwis in wheelchairs, with disabilities, or with financial hardships that mean they're unlikely to get out on the water on their own, and take them out fishing for a day of normality and great memories.



OKE provide kiwi kids the opportunity to learn life and social skills by introducing productive gardens into schools. By giving the kids the tools to learn, OKE are empowering schools and communities to grow essential life and social skills, ultimately providing a better place for everyone.

You can help grow their gardens across South Auckland & New Zealand. 

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Friends of National Parks

A Bali-based non profit helping wildlife affected by deforestation, illegal captivity or poaching across Indonesia. The team run three facilities - a forested area in Borneo, a bird sanctuary in Nusa Penida, and a wildlife rescue centre in Tabanan, Bali. Their aim is to give their animals the best chance at survival, or else the best quality of life while under our care. They urgently need small amounts of funding to upgrade their enclosures. 


3. We help you build your CSR programme.

It starts with a quick message and your first brief. We have more projects lined up behind the scenes that are being released as they become ready, so if you'd like to see more options for projects that suit your business, let us know and we'll see what's out there.