Work with us. 

We use our database to find and shortlist your company's ideal community partnerships. If your team is building its Corporate Social Responsibility plan right now, you can use Step Changers' services to get a better feel for what community projects are out there, what they need, and for how we can support you to build the best possible community partnerships for your business.


Together, we profile your business.

Our team meets with your nominated representatives and figures out what sort of partnership your team is looking for and with who. We work with any budget; there are lots of ways to help.


We find your best options.

We run your business profile through our database of charities based on where you want to help and what sort of help you want to give, and then we provide you with a shortlist of opportunities to go through.. 


You choose how & who to help.

Your team reviews your options and decides how they want to help. We confirm amounts, timeframes, and recipients with you, and then we introduce you to your chosen charities. MOUs are signed and the partnerships begin.


We make things go smoothly

Once a partnership is underway, we keep you in the loop with your the progress of your chosen charities. We send you a 6-monthly progress report, and give you access to a content bank so you can tell your CSR story better. 


Teams with CSR policies are shown to be more productive and enjoy greater brand loyalty than companies that don't do anything for the community. Our team's job is to make finding cool business-nonprofit collaboration opportunities easy and painless. We profile your business and your audience, work with your team, and let you know of some of the opportunities that are out there for you! 

If your team knows you want to do more in your community, but don't know where to start - get in touch with our team! All of our matching work is 100% free - we do it because we love corporate social responsibility and want it to be normal in Aotearoa New Zealand. If your business wants our help, then reach on out with a brief and we can go from there.