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1. Find your Stories

Take your time, click on the projects you think look interesting, and read up. Once you find one that connects with your team and you think your customers will like too, head down to Step 2 and get in touch. 

2. Tell us who you're keen to back


Once you have the story you like, you let us know what sort of support you're interested in giving. There are so many options for giving to a project - whether it's with time, materials, money, through product partnerships or events space. 

We help you figure out which organisations will benefit the most from your corporate backing, and what sort of storytelling content you'll get to use in return. 

It starts with a quick message. Email the matching team at to start the process of finding your projects. We have more projects lined up behind the scenes that are being released as they become ready, so if you'd like to see more options for projects that suit your business, let us know and we'll see what's out there for you. 

Arun Sous Sdey