Call for new team leads…

We’re establishing some new volunteer roles to share our leadership workload around! If you or anyone you know has ever thought about volunteering and you like the look of our work, we would love to hear from you with a blurb on why you reckon this could be a bit of you.

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Businesses Supporting Christchurch: What you can do

As many New Zealanders go back to work for the first time today since Friday’s attacks, feelings of anger, sadness, numbness, apprehension, and confusion will be shared around the country.  This is a list of ways your business might consider helping Christchurch and your team get through these next few days and weeks. Image credit:

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Campaign in Review: Kiwibank’s Gumboot Up

KiwiBank is donating $100,000 to the I AM HOPE organisation’s Gumboot Friday initiative, as part of a viral Facebook campaign pledging to donate $1 for every Kiwi who added the New Zealander of the Year #GumbootUp frame to Facebook profile picture. $100,000 is a an amazing donation to any charitable cause, and we’re excited for all the good work that I AM HOPE is going to be able to do. But why are so many Kiwis disappointed with the donation, and calling on KiwiBank to donate even more?

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