On getting started

Change starts with the early adopters...

They take the risks when they're likely to fail, who persevere when they're likely to be ostracised for their decisions. They are the ones who grow to lead waves of change, characterised by saying yes when others don't understand their thinking, breaking moulds when others stick with normal, and who disrupt the status quo when it seems best to be quiet.  

They're the ones we call the Step Changers. 

They challenge something they don't agree with using the skills they already have. 

So often these kinds of progressive thinkers can be boxed as one of two things. They're seen as the ranters, the makers of a pointless noise that doesn't match what society thinks. Or they're the leaders, the wild inspirations who revolutionise entire industries and change the face of the planet as we know it. The one in a million, Elon Musks of our world. 

Often though, there is no middle ground for these thinkers. The ranters get nowhere, and so we expect change to be made by the very few. Because of our place on the career ladder or because of the industry we're in, we forget that it's our place to challenge the status quo too. 

There's a lot still to do to make this world better. Now we're so connected and informed of what this world is facing, it could even be thought of as our responsibility to make these improvements with the skills we have. But without the culture in place, Step Changing stays for the ranters and the one in a million leaders. It's not an everyday concept that we encourage in our business culture. Not at every job level and not in the dialogue we use with each other when describing success and ambition. 

To make it normal, it's up to us to talk about the wider movement that is at play. This is one where businesses are building around their purpose to change something and profit from being a 'good business' first, rather than trying to greenwash a purpose after their growth later on. These are the companies who are mission-driven, who attract the step changers to work for them, who exist to make a difference, rather than to exist for existences' sake.

This is the movement we're a part of. At Step Changers, we celebrate the companies and individuals who are proud of their purpose. The reason why, is to hold up examples of companies we love, companies we aspire to be like, and people we believe in. The hope is to create a place for the everyday step changer; to make this whole idea normal. 

So here we say start something; start anything. Join the bandwagon. Just find your one place in the world to do better, and join a ground swell of people who are tired of waiting for change to be made by the very few. Be a part of making it normal, everywhere.