The Next Step

A small post on leaving Wellington this Feb!  

A small post on leaving Wellington this Feb!  

We started by interviewing Reuben, from One Percent Collective. He told us about how the Nepal earthquake changed his outlook on giving, and how he ended up working in digital for OPC. From there, we've talked to Flick Electric - one of the coolest power companies in just about everywhere - who use their marketing budget to do good for their communities, to put on comedy shows, to be good people to their customers. It's been a six month journey of completing interviews, finding new businesses to cover, and honing what the Step Changers message is all about.

In 2017, we're changing up what we're doing here (a whole lot). Not because we're not proud of how Step Changers works now, but because we want this project to have more of a tangible impact. We still want to inspire businesses to do more for social good - but this time around, we want to make it easy for them to do more too. 

For now, the finer details are still in the works. But what we can say is this - in the next few weeks/months, we're registering as a charity and Step Changers is going abroad. We're going to be matching businesses with projects who need them across South East Asia, the Pacific, and New Zealand, with the help of a few corporate partners. 

There's some website upgrades to do, and a whole lot of other files to pull together, but the show is on the road and the process is underway. We're kicking off in Bali and SEA in early March first, and the growth will be reported back on from there. 

Metro Marketing are still our number one backers, and we're excited to have their continued support behind us. For now - watch this space as we keep you updated on the process to becoming a registered charity - and release a few new year's interviews as well.

See you soon! 

 - Rosie