Actually doing this.

"You're actually doing this."

This journey started with an idea from a Wellington couch. 

Step Changers already existed then, but I wasn't happy with it. A lot of time was going in for not a lot of impact out - and I'm not sure what else has made me feel as despondent as sitting on that couch wondering what had really changed for all of the effort. 

After two years working in fundraising with a big charity, I'd also been fielding a few requests from smaller charities around Wellington who were struggling with some of the digital basics like AdGrants, websites, and social media. 

It started to make a lot of sense that there was a big gap there - in digital support for smaller charities, and at the same time, in making it easy for big companies to support them. 

So the vision became: let's work for the day where every business in New Zealand has a social responsibility programme. 

Let's see if that's actually possible, if we can shake up culture that much.

Of course, when you're just starting out, you feel all of these big thoughts and rage with passion and ideas, but the reality is you're still on a couch in Wellington with a blog that's not making an impact and no real clue on how to get anywhere. 

The question still remains if you're going to commit to the hustle.

And if so, what does that look like?

It starts with a tentative Google; 'how to start a charity in New Zealand'. A hesitant peek into all that might come. 

It explodes with jumping into it. On my end, this looked like buying a ticket and quitting a job. A ticket to Bali, and then to Laos, and then to Vietnam, and now Cambodia. For the past two months, I've been able to live working for just 15 hours a week, and have poured the rest of my time into turning this Step Changers idea-child into something real.

Even having left the country though, it still some days feels like not a lot has changed. But progress wise, if I'm kind to myself, I realise that this is starting to work a bit. Projects all over New Zealand are making contact and applying for Project Partner spots. We're on the second revision of our charity registration application. Even Sustainable Coastlines, my favourite charity, heard about us. Not just through one friend - but a friend of a friend. 

People are talking. Somehow, it's working. 

And what a strange feeling that is. But it smells sweet. It's smells like a vision taking seed. 

Maybe it does actually make sense that every business should have a social responsibility programme. 

Maybe your company could be doing more too. 

It's certainly something to muse on. But good things take time - so in the meantime, please keep watching this space. It's all starting to take form.

- R. 

Applications for charities open now