Emailing out to you and you

We’ve got three people on our email database right now, and all because it was too real in the first year of Step Changers to think that no one would sign up if we did promote a list.

Three years on and with interest in our work to make great corporate social responsibility normal in New Zealand growing every week, it’s about time to change that. We’re planning some events for later this year for Wellington-based Step Changers interested in coming along and connecting with others who are thinking about driving change in their own organisations. There’s also occasional updates on our key projects and reports to share with you that seem to fit better with an e-letter style update.

To get these out to you - we need a way to get in touch. It’s time to open up the email list.

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If you’re keen to be a part of the next layer of our community, we’d love if you could fill in this form so we know that you’re keen to hear from us a little more often than simply via social media. Put your details in here and know we’ll keep them to ourselves. It’s exciting to think we’ll possibly see you soon.

Ngā mihi nā, and talk soon,

The Step Changers team.