Call for new team leads…

We’re big on role-sharing and doing this as a team.

As a 100% volunteer-run organisation (with no actual bank account because we operate fully with the support of people’s time), it’s really important for us to spread the responsibilities of making Step Changers great around. It keeps the workflow tight and stops any one person from becoming too overwhelmed.

As a part of this, we’re opening up some new volunteer roles within a leadership committee to help share our workload. If you or anyone you know has ever thought about volunteering and you like the look of our work, we would love to hear from you with a blurb on why you reckon this could be a bit of you.

The commitment we’re looking for…

The key part of these roles is that they have both a rallying and a reporting component. You’ll be within a wider team, working with our wider volunteer teams to deliver the quarterly projects for the organisation. At the end of each quarter, you’ll be asked to put together a small update on how things went and what could be improved for next time and this will go to the Board.

We convene as a team on Slack, all checking in at different times when it suits us, and so a strong sense of independence and self-responsibility is quite important for this style of volunteering. Part of your work will involve being an active member of Slack so the rest of the team gets an idea of what you’re up to.

How to get involved…

If this sounds like you and you’re keen (with about 2-3 hours to give each week), send an email through to or fill in our form on the volunteers page or at the bottom of this one. We’re hoping to bring together a crew for 2019-20 who can commit to our team for a year or so to help build momentum - this of course isn’t a strict expectation, but helps you get an idea of what we’re hoping for. Have a look - and let us know.

These are the roles…

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 12.40.09 PM.png

Head of Small Talk

Responsible for managing the Step Changers blog and engaging with our writers to create topical and engaging content on corporate social responsibility. You’ll lead the discussion on what blogs/interviews we’ll take on, what angle we’ll take, and you’ll work with writers to edit and publish their work on our site.

You’ll be reporting on: the number of articles and interviews produced each quarter across the writers group.

In the Marcomms Stream


Head of Social Media

Responsible for staying on topic with New Zealand’s discussions about CSR, you’ll be managing our Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook channels to keep them up to date on CSR in New Zealand and globally. Part of this will be recruiting designers and writers to support you. We’ll be aiming for weekly updates and pushing to haveInstagram stories uploaded by a wider circle of volunteers.

You’ll report on: our social media statistics and the number of mini campaigns executed.

In the Marcomms stream.

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 12.46.37 PM.png

Head of Squarespace

Responsible for the presentation and content loading for our website, you’ll be responsible for this place, our portal to the world. A major part of this will be identifying new areas for content development on the site and helping to create and publish these. Sometimes you’ll also help the writers and csr expertise teams to upload new content across the website.

You’ll be reporting on: monthly website statistics and the number of new content areas/web updates made.

In the Marcomms stream.

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 12.48.39 PM.png

Head of Volunteer Community

This is a fun job, based around bringing together people and setting them loose on what they’re best at. You’ll be identifying skills gaps in our team and posting new volunteer descriptions to our website, social media, and Collaborate. Then you’ll also help to welcome new volunteers and get them started on a project we have available, supporting them along the way with Slack and video calls to get stuck in.

You’ll be reporting on: the number of volunteers placed against roles we have available, the improvements made to our recruitment and on-boarding process (which has been established already but could always be better), and Slack channel engagement across the different volunteer teams.

In the Operations stream.


Development Team Coordinator

You’ll be in a non-technical role, working with our developers, Kevin, Theo and Felix to help ensure the database project is tracking smoothly. We’re trying to get our platform to help businesses find community projects to work with live by the end of the year. If we need new developers or funding, it will be your job to communicate this back to the rest of the leadership team and to provide updates on the milestones we’ve achieved in this work to the Board. This may also involve some user-testing.

You’ll be reporting on: how the database project is tracking month to month and identifying what the team needs to be successful.

In the development stream.

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 12.53.10 PM.png

Head of Board Updates

You’ll be taking on an internal comms role, keeping the wider team up to date with how our projects are tracking. Each quarter, you’ll translate the agreed quarterly plan as signed off by our board into trello cards and check in with teams to see how they are going, before helping to compile the quarterly board update. This may also involve going to the quarterly Board meetings to provide these in person from time to time, so it ideally suits someone based in Wellington or Auckland.

You’ll be reporting on: how we’re tracking against our agreed activities and on any obstacles we anticipate between the teams.

In the Operations Stream.

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 3.47.05 PM.png

Events Team Members

Finally, this year we’ve just organised our first event called Pull Ya Socks Up, and we’d like to run more of these in Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga and other cities as opportunities arise to do so.

You’ll be self-sufficient and keen to focus purely on bringing people together in the real world to discuss CSR, working with our events team, Alyssa, Dylan & Kate, to plan and deliver these.

If you like the idea of pulling people together for events on driving change from inside the workplace, this could be for you.

You’ll be reporting on: the number of events organised within the team & how they went.

In the Marcomms stream.

If one of these sounds like you and you’ve got the time and energy to take on one of these roles, we’d love to hear from you. We’re a super flexible team who support each other and share a love of getting businesses more involved in their communities and their environment. The idea is that the strain should never be too much for one person - rather, we’re all in this together (taking one humble step at a time ;)).

Reach out if you’re curious and we can talk the details through!

Ngā mihi,

The Step Changers Teamleads