Current Roles

The Volunteer crew work in four streams: marketing-comms (who run our website, and digital comms), operations (who run the ship), CSR expertise (academics and professionals who pull together and review our content on CSR) and development (who work on our database of community projects). If you think you could get something out of giving to one of these teams, reach on out.

Social Media Coordinator

If you: love spending time on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook, understand social media marketing and feel like it's no problem for you, want to make corporate social responsibility normal, and can give input on the content we're creating (and maybe make some content yourself), then we'd really love to hear from you.

All Rounder - as much or as little as you can

Our all rounders work project by project as it suits them. We run a Trello board where all of our upcoming projects live, and our team of volunteers pick the work they're interested in doing based on their skills and availability at the time. The work can be to do with communications, strategy, projects and evaluation, corporate social responsibility research, content creation, or anything in between.

Because we're relatively young, there's always a lot to get done, and it means you get to be instrumental in helping us shape this organisation as we grow. If this style of working sounds like something you'd be keen on hearing more about - let us know! Fire an email to us at, or fill in the form at the bottom of the page and we'll come back to you. 

Copywriter - as much or as little as you can

A role for someone who loves the idea of businesses playing their part, and wants to help set the standards for great corporate social responsibility across New Zealand and the Pacific. You'll be helping us to create blog content, to write pitches for the companies we approach, and to chase up any other ideas you may have for improving our organisation. 

We currently have the roles listed here available, but we're always looking to hear from anyone who want to muck in for our Marketing-Comms, Activist/Events, Development, Operations, and Advisory/CSR streams. Let us know what you're interested in!