Make your volunteering experience meaningful

All NGOs face a trade off between time spent fundraising and time spent delivering its programmes...

Typically, there's never enough money or time to fundraise, and so grassroots projects without these resources often struggle to get ahead. 

If you're a strong creative with videography, photography, or writing skills, your skills are wasted teaching english or sports on your volunteer experience. There's a better way to help and on a wider scale - what grassroots projects need most is funding - and a way to get it.  

The team behind Step Changers is experienced in marketing and fundraising for charities. If you're interested in using your creative skills to help organisations around Asia or the Pacific thrive, we want to hear from you. 

Right now we're taking early sign ups from digital nomads and creatives travelling in South East Asia who are interested in working alongside non profit projects in groups of 1-4 creatives for up to a week to help curate original fundraising content. We will use the content you create to fundraise on behalf of the projects to our business networks in Australia and New Zealand. 

If this sounds like something you'd like to contribute to - get in touch via to find out more information. We are in a beta phase currently so expect the chance to contribute to how Step Changers is established.