What is a step change? 

A step change means a small shift in attitudes, so that greater social good can be achieved. It's not about 'changing the world', and much more about 'changing this one small part of the world that I really care about'. The idea is that if everyone does their one bit with the skills they've got, we're going to improve this place a whole lot.

How can I get involved? 

Really, it's as simple as identifying a problem that makes your blood boil (or a solution that makes your heart sing), and getting started on it. Once you've got something good going, let us know, and we'll do our best to yell about it from the digital rooftops.

We're also looking for new writers, corporate partners, and businesses that would like to be covered on Step Changers. While we focus on the individuals within businesses who are changing something, we're always open to trying something new. 

Lastly - talk about the stuff you read! Get riled up, ruffle your feathers, speak about what step changes we need to see in this world with your peers and fam. The more we talk about these changes, the more normal they become. So spread the word - it counts.