What is Step Changers?

Step Changers is a registered charity dedicated to making great corporate social responsibility (CSR) normal in New Zealand. We’re a collective of change-makers from businesses, universities, and organisations around New Zealand (and beyond) who are interested in raising the standards for CSR companies in New Zealand.

Who are Step Changers?

Step Changers is the name we’ve given to change-making individuals from organisations across different businesses and organisations who are working to bring about a social change through their workplace. You’ve heard of them; they’re the ones who ask about recycling at work, the ones who organise the volunteer days, the ones who question whether the office could be made more accessible, culturally engaged, diverse, or sustainable. The people who ask ‘why’ or ‘what will the impact of this be’, because they care about the world they live in and what their workplace does to make it better.

You might be a Step Changer; just about anyone can be. There’s a core ethos we subscribe to, which is outlined a bit here. The ethos is continually evolving with more academic research and case studies from businesses, and so it’s good to check back in every now and then. Your ideas can contribute too. Check out our small talk page for ways to give ideas, or stay tuned for more events by our team that bring the step changing community together on topics related to CSR in New Zealand.

Our Vision

We’re working together to make great corporate social responsibility normal in New Zealand.

By working, we mean: continually striving to raise the standards of CSR in New Zealand, by embracing improvements to the step changing ethos as more is learned about what great CSR looks like.

By together, we mean: activists, academics, business professionals, young students, and public sector professionals working towards improving the standards of CSR in New Zealand, as a group.

By great, we’re talking about: regularly seeing businesses achieve the sixteen standards for great CSR, which you can read about here.

Community Values


Turn the wheel

We’re interested in lifting the standards for great CSR, and that involves collaboration and idea-sharing. We call on the skills of individuals as volunteers or contributors, academics as experts, and businesses as case studies so that together we can all lift the standards for great CSR.

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One step at a time

Progress is messy and it takes time, but if every business commits to taking their one step forward we’ll get there a lot faster.


Go home proud

If we do the good work here, then one day every Kiwi will be able to go home proud of the company or organisation they work for and the good they’re doing. Even better, the ‘good’ will be reported on transparently and effectively so everyone can see.

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Progress, not perfection

Great social responsibility is imperfect - and so we're not about big promises of perfection. We focus on progress.