Your CSR should be easy.

It's an expectation that your business has a social responsible core...

A modern business is considered to be doing 'okay' when giving 1% of its revenue to community purposes, and is considered progressive to be giving 2%. 

We believe there's a way to marry your CSR to your marketing so CSR can be viewed as a marketing cost, and not as an added bonus that you need to go out of your way for.

There should be a business case for your CSR activities - we call this purposeful marketing.

Our mission is to help businesses like yours find grassroots projects across South East Asia & the Pacific that align with where your business is going. 

We send our volunteer creatives into the field to collect marketing content so you don't have to. In exchange for your financial backing, Step Changers supplies you with high quality marketing content so you can tell the world what good you are doing.

Easy, right?

We think so too. To sign up as a Step Changers partner business (for free), put your email down on this form so we can send projects you might be interested in your way as we partner with them. 

And if you have a project you already back but want the marketing content to be taken care of by skilled creative - let us know via

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